Why game development?


We just don’t follow. We read, suggest, analyze your ideas to enhance them and then manifesting them for the world to enjoy.

StreakByte is your one-place-all-solutions game development platform powered by a cross-platform engine. Using Unity we have deployed games over 15 global platforms.

Leverage Unity for your game development with stunning graphics and straightforward scene creation.

  • Multiplayer Game Development

Multiplayer games help in easily building a gaming community and also creates a buzz among Gen-Z for boosting your brands’ awareness. These games build healthy competition among players and amplify user engagement.

Apart from gaming, multiplayer development features were largely used in building professional conference team platforms, especially during the pandemic. Considering the security issues and traffic on existing softwares, businesses started building their own platforms to communicate within the organization. develop interactive platforms powered by audio, video, screen-sharing, document sharing, and text chat.

These games are interactive and operate seamlessly regardless of the platforms they are made for using the Unity platform. Libraries such as Photon, Vivox, etc: are used to develop these games.

Multiplayer games can be developed to be played over a connected network or over a local network or both, depending on the requirement.

  • 3D Game Development

3D gaming can also be referred to as interactive computer entertainment. A graphical representation of these 3D games considers three measures i.e. height, width, and depth.

Before 2D gaming was dealing with height and width only. However, the inclusion of depth brought the visually appealing exploration of virtual worlds with more realistic representation.

We all are aware of the magic 3D brings to our experience whether it is a game or a movie. 3D game development is your way to provide the gaming society with an experience that builds a rapport with the gamers and boosts satisfaction.

  • Sports Game Development

Talking about gaming, we can’t miss out on the presence of sports such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Athletic games, etc. in the gaming community.

These sports have evolved in terms of graphics and other features with each year’s launch. The introduction of new technologies and features such as augmented reality and virtual reality powered by sensors and robust development is always thrillingly welcomed by the gaming community.

So, choose futuristic technologies for your new venture in the gaming business.

  • Educational Game Development for Kids

The concept of trying to make learning fun is not new and also scenarios such as the pandemic have brought the world to function from home. Thanks to the internet and technology for helping in keeping things going for us.

With parents being occupied both professionally and personally, it becomes very important to find ways to help the students practice their subjects. However, home learning becomes dull and monotonous for the kids who like to learn in teams and like to communicate.

So, building applications and programs with the help of platforms such as Unity enables them to create dynamic and fun educational games and courses to help them engage and practice their subjects.

  • Puzzles and Dice Game Development

Where puzzles games help in keeping the mind engaged and active, dice games are for anyone who wants to just have fun. The gaming industry keeps evolving and bringing new games but these games never go out of trend. These games are a good idea to invest in, however, it is also a cramped market.

One huge reason is this statistic, “Ludo King has 18.9 crore monthly active users and 5.1 crore daily active users.”

  • Casino & Cards Game Development

Talk about money in the gaming industry and there will be a mention of casinos, cards, and gambling. Similar to the impact of the pandemic on Ludo, even these games got a boost during the period.

In casino & card games, the appointed occupier or dealer deals in virtual money to play these games at the gambling table. 

Gambling isn’t a trend, it is a culture and it is going to last forever.

  • Custom Development

Do you have a Game Plan?

Let us help you with the plot points, story framing, character biography, character aesthetic, game mechanics, theme, and more.

Our skilled and experienced game developers at Streakbyte are:

Capable of understanding space elements in the design,
Capable of suggesting better components for your game,
Capable of shaping your vision using the gaming mechanics,
Capable of delivering dynamic solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

Contact us here to express your ideas and let our game developers help you in building a next-generation game.

We are proud to mention that our happiness lies in client satisfaction.

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