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Marker-Based Application Development

Marker Based AR also goes by the name Recognition-based AR or Image Recognition. This AR feature involves the process of scanning certain physical identification of markers and user-generated images.

This Marker Based Augmented Reality solution supports numerous business verticals by facilitating users to scan markers using an application from their device. The process of scanning markers triggers an improved visualization powered by an augmented experience that extracts a 2D/3D model, animations, videos, and audio.

This provides the users with an outstanding experience that eventually helps in boosting customer engagement. Augmented Reality is a vital part of the digital revolution that is paving its way into each sector for seamless representation of ideas.

Plane Tracking Application Development

This augmented reality solution tracks a surface area of the real world and frames a 3D model in the user’s environment and is known as a Plane Tracking AR solution. With an increase in online shopping and surfing, this augmented environment experience will help users in making convincing buying decisions about their products.

Without any knowledge of the surface or the environment, this Plane Tracking AR solution is capable of scanning the surface/plane and creating an augmented product visual for the users to make a decision. Mainly it involves the retail products, real estate environments, and sectors of entertainment industries.

Product Try-On Applications in Metaverse

Product Try-On Solution backed by augmented reality has been leveraged as one of the go-to digital strategies to create brand awareness as well as has proven results in creating a better customer experience and boosting brand awareness.

As the name suggests, this AR solution enables users to try on a product using an application in a device that has a camera to recognize the face and the parts of which the product is made up.

This AR solution is built using powerful technologies such as facial recognition, machine learning, and 3D Modeling with different renowned SDKs. These SDKs allow customers to virtually get an experience of shoes to Try-on, Spectacles to Try-On, Watch to Try-On, Beauty and Makeup products to Try-On, Furniture to Try-On, Apparel to Try-On, etc. to help them make a convincing decision in buying a product.

WayFinding Metaverse Applications

This augmented reality solution is called AR WayFinding solution because it offers navigation to its users regardless of whether them being indoors or on outdoor premises.

This feature provides a simplified navigation pathway that is virtually highlighted and outlined. A virtual guide to take you places. This AR WayFinding mobile application is best suited for cramped and complex environments such as college campuses, corporate buildings, airports, retail malls, and healthcare centers.

It also facilitates users to navigate in real-time with an immersive and interactive navigation experience unlike regular GPS systems by leveraging the robust technology used in its development.

Object Detection Application Development

Object Detection Based Augmented Reality solution provides a 360-degree view of a place or an object. The augmented reality experience created by the application is built as a three-dimensional structure.

A predefined 3D virtual visualization is developed by scanning products and places. Widely applied to environments such as heritage sites and monuments, Electric appliances and products, for an overall virtual immersive experience.

It can prove to be a blessing for the research and development individuals to in their process of learning and studying non-prominent regions using a device and an application.

Location-based Application Development

As the name suggests, a Location-based AR solution enables the user to find relevant information regarding a location. However, to use this feature the user needs a GPS-enabled device with an installed application.

This AR solution works both indoors and outdoors. However, it is more likely to be used outdoors unlike the Way-Finding AR solution. It enables users to have real-time information about a location powered by augmented reality.

Users can have an interactive experience with powerful and engaging navigation by combining location-based sensors with AR features. The engaging virtual experience is developed in the virtual world leveraging the digital data that can be used to form digitized animations, snaps, and other relevant data.

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