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StreakByte helps you with the development of seamless augmented & virtual reality applications to bridge the physical and digital worlds to create your Metaverse.

We strive to nurture your idea with our creative expertise and innovation & build a next-generation solution for your customers.

Augmented Reality Software

Using augmented reality technology, we help businesses to develop their Augmented Reality Usecases in Metaverse.

Our AR Application Solutions offer an augmented experience by generating perceptual information by overlaying on top of it.

Unlike virtual reality (VR), augmented reality apps create an artificial environment & AR users experience a real-world environment.

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Virtual Reality Software

Using virtual reality technology, we create interactive and immersive VR experiences in our metaverse applications.

Our VR Application Solutions offer a digital yet immersive environment with virtual scenes and objects that appear to be real to the users.

The virtual environment is perceived through a device known as a Virtual Reality headset.

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Web Based Augmented Reality

Using Web-Based Augmented Reality (WebAR) technology–we develop applications where users can view and interact with AR content in a web browser. 

Usual AR Apps need users to download and install a specific app.

WebAR experiences, in contrast to conventional AR experiences, can be accessed directly from a browser.

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3D Modeling Services

We are innovators, not followers!

We research and analyze your ideas to enhance them with our instance-backed suggestions.

StreakByte is your one-stop solution for 3D Modeling Development. We use the Unity platform powered by a cross-platform engine to create stellar designs and models.

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What Clients Say

We were looking for a developer to create our AR app. After a lot of research, we decided to try this developer, with trepidation though, as they seemed smaller and not as ``cool`` as others.

However, they explained everything very clearly and honestly. They were upfront about their capabilities and were ready to say ``no`` if they couldn't do it. Over time, our trust in them started building.

Now that we have seen the product, we are extremely happy that we worked with him instead of anyone else. The experience has been nothing short of fantastic and I am sure we will work together in the future. Highly recommend!

Prachi Saini
Prachi Saini

They handled the request in a very short deadline, delivering a high-quality product and giving us extra support after the product was delivered. The price was as expected and they were open to negotiating.

Very recommendable, for sure we will be working again.

Tomas Cordoba
Tomas Cordoba

I had the pleasure to work with StreakByte for an AR demo and I’m really happy about their work.
Jayesh was leading the project, always very responsive and super fast with the delivery. I’m sure that we will work together again.

Marcelo Alejandro Czerewacz
Marcelo Alejandro Czerewacz

The AR kit for our client is a tremendous success thanks to Jayesh and his team. They have spent relentless hours to develop, troubleshoot and export over again to make this project a wild success. We are pleased by the end result they made. Even after submitting the project, Jayesh make it his personal responsibility to ensure the product work well and to our client satisfaction. We will be looking forward to collaborating with them in the future.

Ken Yong Kwan
Ken Yong Kwan

I worked with them and OMG the AR APP turned up amazing fully functional
high quality and the support is phenomenal
i gave them a hard time and asked for a lot of changes and they was nice and accepted everything i asked for
what can i say they are professionals
definitely will work with them again to upgrade the current app

Reefa Alnuwaif

A quick, talented engineer & a proficient communicator. I appreciate all of his extra efforts and advice for the Vuforia app. He even improved the quality of the animated graphics in it. I would definitely hire him again.

Greta Buccellato

Rahul and his team kept me updated at every stage of the process and was a good communicator. If you need a professional to do an AR/VR or any other game, do contact him because I could not be more satisfied! Very happy with everything.

Antonio Ayala Ramirez

Rahul and his team completed tasks on time and even went above and beyond to optimize my model to make the app more efficient. Not often you will have contractors do this for a project. Will hire again and suggest you do too.


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