StreakByte’s Incredible AR/VR Services Are Driving Excellence

Adopting new technologies has many benefits, such as increased productivity, improved efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and more. Streakbyte helps modern businesses to avail these benefits by introducing innovative AR/VR solutions, game development, and 3D modeling services.

In this interview with GoodFirms researchers impart comprehensive information about Streakbyte’s offerings by talking to its CEO – 

Mr. Rahul Chauhan


Created in 2018, StreakByte is the full-stack AR/VR (Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality) development agency that efficiently creates next-generation AR, VR, and Metaverse applications globally for valuable clients. The company follows a working culture that includes- clarity of ideas and communication that helps in building trust. The company is also committed to delivering optimum quality cross-platform XR (Extended Reality) development experience that helps businesses to deliver awesome experiences to the users.

This India-based company delivers services like Virtual Reality, Mobile Applications, and Web Development services to startups and enterprises. The passionate team here strives hard to build high-quality digital products. Further, they work on adding creativity to clients’ ideas and innovation with dedicated team members’ skills.

Consequently, the awe-inspiring AR and VR services enable the company to gain a prominent position among the top AR/VR development companies in India on the GoodFirms platform.

GoodFirms’ team of experts got a chance to interview the company Co-Founder, Mr. Rahul Chauhan, and discuss his company’s services.

While discussing StreakByte and elucidating his role within the organization in brief, Mr. Chauhan stated that StreakByte is the top rated Augmented and Virtual Reality Game Development Agency that offers top-notch quality mobile application and web development services to create high-quality digital solutions for a diverse clientele of solopreneurs, startups, and enterprises.

Remarkably! The clients are delighted with StreakByte’s services. Further, the company is always open to prospects with a next-generation standpoint looking forward to expanding their business. The experts mix creativity and innovation to enhance their clients’ business needs.

During the interview with GoodFirms CEO further added that the development portfolio is diverse, and the team mainly serves automobiles, art and media, retail, education, gaming, health, real estate, and the infrastructure sector.

Further, Rahul Chauhan said that he had started his career in web development with an Ahmedabad -based IT firm. He gained experience managing a team and bringing new technologies to the market. Later on, in 2018, he launched his own technology-first company with the support of his partner Jayesh Rathod known as StreakByte.

The Success Story of the Company 

Mr. Chauhan recalls that in 2017 there was a trend of revolutionary technological advancements in Gaming and Virtual Reality Software Development and a need for more skilled Unity developers. However, the journey of the company began in 2018. Both of them (Mr. Chauhan and Mr. Rathod) noticed that startups and enterprises need help to create quality software and compete with next-generation technology pioneers. They prefer to build the trend and take the challenge of offering prospects the opportunity to deliver creative solutions to their valued clients.

Consequently, they took the initiative to fill this shortage by shaping a competent AR/VR development team to make it globally accessible. Since then, the journey has been full of challenges, growth, and learning. Both move forward to being a part of global companies revolutionizing the Indian tech sector.

1. Business Model 

When inquired about the company’s business model, Mr. Chauhan replied that the company possesses a dedicated team of in-house Unity AR/VR and Game Developers, 3D artists, Web Developers, and Graphic Designers. Further, the company serves as the one-stop solution for a vendor looking for the successful completion of a futuristic project.

2. Distinguishing Factors 

Mr. Chauhan also expressed how one could differentiate Streakbyte from the competition by declaring that the company includes experienced and knowledgeable AR/VR developers with solid skills and a professional attitude to provide impeccable services. The team wins the clients’ business expectations with uniformity and quick response times.

3. Industries Served 

Mr. Chauhan, regarding the industries they generally cater to, said that the team experts cater wherever AR/VR applies. Nevertheless, the following sectors are served on record: automobile, retail, education, gaming, health, real estate, art and media, and virtual space in Oculus.

Indeed, the company has established a strong base in the emerging domain of AR/VR, 3D, and Metaverse. The clients admire the working process and quality deliverables. The company serves many entrepreneurs with AR/VR-based technical projects and maintains an imposing repetitive ratio of 3:4 that too because of one-time project clients.

Also, the company takes pride in declaring that most clients rely on them for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Development. Though, the need for developing technologies like Unity 3D development, Vuforia, Game development, Metaverse, Web3, Unity Integration, PHP, Backend Development, and Socket IO/NodeJS server is also in demand.

4. Customer Satisfaction Rate

While discussing the customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Chauhan specified that the company has 97% customer satisfaction across the clientele. The company fully emphasizes strong communication and aims to build long-term client relationships. The team takes bi-weekly feedback sessions with the clients to know what worked, what did not, and how it can be improved. Further, the company is consistent with results and focuses on working with innovative applications.

Below-mentioned Review Specifies that StreakByte Offers apt Solutions to Their Clients

Payment Structure

While discussing the payment structure, the CEO clarified that Metaverse and AR/VR are growing, and the development process of providing an outstanding project starts from requirements gathering and clarity of idea. With this approach, the company has successfully delivered various types of challenging projects. For billing, the company follows milestone-based payments. The team has done past projects starting from $500. In 2021, the company also delivered projects ranging between $500-$100000+.

During the interview with GoodFirms, we asked the CEO where he would see his company in a decade; Mr. Chauhan joyfully replied that the company plans to scale its operations in the upcoming years. The team is looking forward to forming meaningful partnerships, growing the engineering teams, establishing globally, and enhancing service models. The team always looks for ways to improve service delivery and deliver the clients quality services to achieve their objectives.

To learn more about the futuristic thoughts and strategic approach of StreakByte CEO, Mr. Chauhan, you can explore the entire interview published on GoodFirms’ site.

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